Tuesday, April 21, 2015


A simple 1-hour lesson can drastically improve your game.  I met with an instructor for 5 minutes and he completely changed the way I drive the ball and easily added 50+ yards back that I had lost by slicing the ball on every drive.  If I would have had the time with him to go over different aspects of my game, I would have been a much better player much sooner.  Instruction is a very important part of the game, and can help to lower frustrations on the course, and ultimately make the game more enjoyable.  That is why I am excited to help introduce DrivrGolf, a suite of tools designed for instructors, the first of which is DrivrPro.

DrivrPro is a cloud based booking and client management system that will help instructors more efficiently book, manage, and administer lessons.  DrivrPro was developed and designed based on feedback from a wide variety of golf instructors.  This is a great application that will benefit both instructors and students.

According to DrivrPro’s research, it currently takes instructors on average 30 minutes of office work just to book a lesson with each student.  That is valuable time that should be spent offering lessons.  DrivrPro will help to eliminate a lot of that unnecessary office time.  Students will be able to book, pay for, and re-schedule their lessons all online.  This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to online booking either.  Each account is set up and structured around the needs of the instruction facility or academy.  It is set up so that there is one administrator who can add, remove, or inactivate instructor accounts as needed.  DrivrPro will help to grow the instructor’s online presence with a free Golf Academy website as well.  DrivrPro offers easy to use client management tools such as calendars that can sync up with iCal and Google, as well as run business analytics.  DrivrPro will help instructors save time by limiting office work, making it possible to teach more lessons, and helping them connect with their students who are online.

DrivrPro is designed for instructors but is also incredibly beneficial for students as well.  Obviously, with online booking you can book your lesson at any time of the day.  There is a lot more to it than that though.  It will help you to connect with the best instructor for you.  DrivrPro is creating a centralized area where you can find instructors in your area and read reviews from other players.  After your lesson you will be able to see all of your data and any feedback from your instructor right on your DrivrPro account.  And it is free to use for students.  

What I really love about DrivrGolf is their mission to grow the game.  As I speak with people about golf I often hear that they have been once or twice but they weren’t very good at it so they stopped playing.  As someone with a welcomed golf obsession, this makes me sad, this is why lessons are important to golf.  Se can’t all be natural born players like Bubba Watson who never had a lesson.  Having a lesson can improve your game, lessen your frustration, make playing more enjoyable, and ultimately improve retention.  DrivrGolf has found that in the millennial age group (18-34) participation rates dropped 13% from 2009 to 2013.  Here is the thing about my age group.  We do everything online, 75% conduct online research before buying a product or service.  This is why DrivrGolf is helping instructors go online and use technology to their advantage to grow the game of golf.  They use the internet, where potential students already are, to connect them with instructors who will help them improve their game and want to keep playing.

DrivrGolf is founded by Thomas Eder and Matthew Coco, two avid golfers who want to share their love of the game.

Tom is an entrepreneur with an advertising background specializing in digital marketing, web development and interaction design.  He started golfing 3 years ago with his friends and is now hooked on the game.  The thing he loves about golf is the mental game.  “It’s truly an art form when you really begin to understand the subtleties.”  He dreams to one day play TPC Sawgrass and Augusta National.  

Matt is a digital marketer, web developer, and systems administrator.  He has been golfing since the age of 10 and has been active in the sport since.  He is an Australian with a deep loyalty to Greg Norman, and is said to have the skillset to drive the ball into outer space.  He also loves the mental side of golf along with the challenge to continually improve.  “The physics of a golf swing and hitting straight are easy to understand. It's doing it every time regardless of the situation that's hard.”  Matt plays for the love of the game, he doesn’t really care where he plays he just wants to play with some good friends with a little fresh dew on the greens.  

DrivrPro will launch this summer.  Keep an eye out for them by following them on Twitter @Drivrgolf, as well as following their blog at http://www.drivrgolf.com/blog.

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