Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bubba Watson

"Golf is about charity ... it's about giving back ... if I'm gonna grow as a person, grow as a human being, I wanna give back."
        -Bubba Watson Uninterrupted 

Bubba Watson.  He is currently ranked #3 in the Official World Golf Rankings, 5th in the FedEx Cup, and is a two-time Masters Champion.  He turned pro in 2002 and has 7 career wins on the PGA Tour.  He is a self made golfer, he has never had a lesson just natural talent to out drive the best.  Not only is he an amazing player but he is a devoted Christian, loving father and husband, a member of the boy band Golf Boys, and a man that wears his emotions on his sleeve.
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Bubba is back at Augusta National this week as the defending champion and is looking for his third Green Jacket.  He won his first Masters Tournament in 2012, gave the Jacket to Adam Scott in 2013 and won his second title last year in 2014.  He has confidence that he can do it again too, and rightfully so, as #3 in the world and placing in the top 25 of all 5 events he has played this season.  After his 2014 Masters win he told ESPN that he believes he will always be able to come back and win at Augusta, injuries permitting of course, but he believes he will always be able to come back and be confident like Phil Mickelson and Fred Couples.

What makes Bubba so confident?  I don't think it is his distance, I believe it is his ability to see the shot he needs to make, and then actually make it get out of trouble.  Bubba knows how to save par.  His caddie Ted Scott reported Bubba's most memorable Masters shots, all of which were recovery shots he made to save par.  Number four on the list was from the 2012 Masters, it was the 2nd round on the par-4 7th hole.  He was in the trees and had a 10 foot gap about 50 yards ahead he needed to make it through to get on the green.  Scott advised him against it, but Bubba was confident, and there is no arguing with Bubba when he is confident, Scott says "it's like telling Picasso he can't paint a painting."  Based on this list, don't be worried for Bubba if you see him in the trees and pine needle this weekend at Augusta, he knows how to get out and you can bet, if he is feeling confident he will save par.

Golf is obviously a large part of Bubba's life, but the most important thing in his life is his family.  He has demonstrated that this season.  He has only played in 5 events so far because he knows it is more important for him to bond with his newly adopted daughter Dakota.

"It's a blessing for Angie and me that these beautiful kids are now ours
and we get to raise them.  Winning golf tournaments is great, and I hope I can 
keep doing it, but I know that the most important thing I'm going to do in 
this lifetime is be a dad to Caleb and Dakota."

 He is a family man for sure, he and his wife Angie adopted their first child, Caleb, in 2012 just a week before The Masters.  In an interview with golf.com Bubba said the happiest moment of his career was in 2013 when Caleb made his first appearance at the Masters Par-3 Tournament.
As I said earlier, Bubba is an emotional man and he wears all his emotions on his sleeve, we saw this when he first won The Masters in 2012, and many times since.  This has got him into some trouble though, just as his joyful emotions show easily so do his negative emotions.  There was a survey done recently that has brought a lot of heat on Bubba, but he is still one of my favorite players.  I don't love everything he has done on the course, but the good that he has done, the good that he is, outweighs all the negative emotions he has shown.  And now that he is a father of two, he is learning to control those negative emotions.  His wife Angie told golf.com that he has really matured and relaxed since they adopted Caleb in 2012 and is "able to let things go a little easier."  Bubba said that knowing his son is watching and his daughter will be, has helped him to bite his tongue and be softer on the course.

Earlier this week I predicted Fowler, Spieth, or Mickelson to win the Green Jacket this year.  I need to add Bubba to that list, and enjoy a burrito in his honor!  It would be amazing to watch him win back-to-back for his third Green Jacket.

Happy Masters Week!  

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