Thursday, March 19, 2015

Golf Is...

We have all heard it, and it hurts my soul every time.  "Golf is boring."  Those three words are words every golfer hates to hear, specifically after we first tell someone that we play, and yes even watch golf.

I will admit, before I started playing in high school, I didn't understand how someone could sit and watch a golf tournament.  Then I played, and I felt the strange mix of emotions one can have in a single round of golf and I was hooked.  I started watching the PGA Tournaments and I could see the same emotions I felt in the pros.  That is what is so great about golf, it is unbelievably humbling, and it doesn't matter how good you are, you can always improve.  

"Golf is boring."  Those words make me feel defenseless, so I want to give to you a variety of back up reasons as to why golf is in fact a very emotional, fun, and exciting game.

To start off, there was this emotional and exciting win for Bubba Watson at the 2012 Masters.  It was on the 10th hole of Augusta National, which was also the 2nd playoff hole, where Bubba hit a drive right into the trees, but had an amazing recovery shot and won his first Green Jacket.    
Since the 2012 Masters, we have had winner Adam Scott, who was the first Australian player to win a Masters Tournament in 2013.  Then again in 2014 Bubba wins another Green Jacket, this time with his wife Angie and son Caleb there to watch.

Check out Oh Oh Oh and Golf Boys 2.Oh.
If you ever have someone say that players are too uptight or too serious send them to Ben Crane's YouTube Channel.   This is a professional full of personality, and he even put together a golf boy band consisting of himself, Hunter Mahan, Master's Champ Bubba Watson, and Rickie Fowler.  They have released two hit singles along with fantastic music videos, and of course all profits made from their music is donated straight to charity. 

Not only is there tears from champs, amazing shots during playoff holes, and great music, there is also the occasional crazy fan, like this guy who just wanted to add some ambiance to Webb Simpsons 2012 US Open speech.
There are also all the fans at the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  Golf is not always the quiet game people assume it is.  

Then there are trick shots.  These can be appreciated by all, not just those who love the game.  We all know Phil Mickelson is an expert short game player, but he is also an expert at trick shots.  Then there are the amateurs and casual players that excel in trick shots.  Take the Bryan Bros for example.  Their videos are proof that you can have fun with golf, like this one that showcases their amazing trick shots!

Last, but not least is the Ryder Cup.  One of the very few team tournaments on the Tour.  A tournament that is fought between the United States and Europe.  This is one of the most exciting tournaments of golf, and it is only played every 2 years.  Europe has kept the Cup for the past three tournaments, but the US is working hard to regain the Cup next year at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota.

After all this, and much more, sometimes we just have to bury the hurt that comes with those three words and accept that everyone has different interests and opinions, and that makes this world a pretty great place.

I would love to hear what makes golf exciting for you!  Tell me in the comments below, or tweet me @chippingingolf


  1. I agree with you 100%, the first time I went golfing I thought it would be very boring and that I would most likely hate it but there was nothing else to do so I went, after 9 holes I knew I was right it was boring but then on the 10th tee it happened I hit a tee shot so pure and so solid that the feel and the sound of that tee shot touch something deep in my soul and when I looked up and seen that ball flying that straight and that far at that moment I was hooked for life, glof is the perfect game the only negtive thing about gold is slow play but slow play is not to be blame on golf, golf was never meant or designed to be played slow

    1. There is almost no better feeling than hitting a perfect drive, that is what always keeps me coming back to the course, even after a bad round! I am glad you found your love of the game, and thank you for sharing it!